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April 10, 2006

Hillary is (apparently) concerned with what Jesus thinks (sometimes)

Democratic Sen. Hillary Clinton used Jesus to argue against a House immigration bill that would make illegal presence in the United States a felony.

“It is certainly not in keeping with my understanding of the Scriptures,” Clinton said, according to the Associated Press, “because this bill would literally criminalize the Good Samaritan and probably even Jesus himself.”

Clinton delivered her remarks as the Senate prepared to take up a version of the measure, which passed the House in December.

It’s interesting that she is now concerned about the teachings of Jesus since she has previously voted for pro-partial birth abortion rights. Did she always have WWJD on her mind?

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  1. Isn’t is funny how libbies scream “separation of church & state” when GWB mentions God, yet I don’t hear anyone making the same cries about Hillie. Guess it’s OK when a lib does it.

    Comment by Rosie Walsh — April 11, 2006 @ 4:45 pm

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