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January 17, 2006

Grasping for ratings

CNBC’s Donny Deutsch took a tactic out of the Keith Olbermanns playbook by gratuitously attacking Bill O’Reilly for the dumbest of reasons, the height of which was when he said that O’Reilly’s use of saying “if you have an arguement about something if you don’t like something’s doing it [sic] - Don’t go to that store! - is a form of terrorism

You probably never heard of this however, because this show barely stays above 70,000.

On January 16th, singer Ted Nugent and his wife, Shemane, appeared on The Big Idea With Donny Deutsch to discuss Nugents new show. Deutsch, for no clear reason brought up the subject of Bill O’Reilly. After playing a clip of O’Reillys appearance on David Lettermans show where Letterman chided the Fox News host over his criticism of Cindy Sheehan, Deutsch called Letterman his “hero” and “a great man” and O’Reilly a “thug” and a “bully” (*yawn).

Deutsch implied that O’Reilly was afraid to come on his show, saying that he’d just give excuses. In reality, Bill O’Reilly, the host of the highest rated program on cable news has absolutely no reason to even consider such an appearance (assuming that he’s every actually been invited) on Deutch’s show, which is one of the lowest rated shows on cable news.

Deutch said that O’Reilly was a perfect example of a supposed atmosphere in America where if you disagree with someone then “you’re wrong, you’re stupid, you’re unamerican” and shamed what he called O’Reillys “odacity to put [Sheehan] down” and DARE say she was being “run by far left elimants” (he forgot to mention that this is true: Code Pink, Michael Moore, Hitler lovers, etc are all Sheehan endorsers).

But wait, it got better: After losing ground on the Sheehan topic, instead of moving on, Deutch actually goes BACK to the O’Reilly/Letterman scuffle! He says it was “out of character” for Letterman to take a position [on a political issue], which is 100% wrong. Letterman frequently takes these positions, and has not beat the more fair and balanced Jay Leno in the ratings for any consistant period for over 6 years. Hmm…that sounds an awful lot like… Donny Deutch…and Keith Olbermann. All 3 go out of their way to bash the right and all 3 are dieing in the ratings war…

> Download the video here

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January 7, 2006

Howard moves to satelite radio

Because of Howard Stern, Sirius Satellite Radio has been selling massive amounts of subscriptions in recent months, but is this really the begining of the huge revolution and world change we’ve been promised?

Forbes reports that the hype about Howard will likely fade during the first half of 2006. RadioInk comments further saying:

That’s what Banc of America Securities thinks, and in a report issued this week, they say that about 29% of Sirius subscribers in December and January mentioned Stern as one of the top three reasons for choosing the provider.

“Our thesis is that over the next few months, XM’s retail share will return to 50%, as the Stern hype subsides,” said Banc of America analyst Jonathan Jacoby.

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