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April 4, 2006

Breaking News: Bush’s poll numbers DOWN!

Breaking news! (not really)

First there was CBS and their rigged poll a few weeks ago showing the president at 34%. Then some other outfit came out with a poll that showed the president at 39% and yet they said, “In his lowest performance numbers ever, the president today in a personal approval, the presidential approval number is 39%.”

From Rush Limbaugh (March 14, 2005):

Everybody said, “Wait a minute! Last week you said it was 34%.” Okay. Now you’ve got this CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll, and their poll says that the president is “the lowest he’s ever been rated,” 36%. Now, this is in their own polls. They don’t specify that, yet when that CBS poll came out, they all reported it. They couldn’t wait to report it. It was one of these stories that just got pounded and pounded and pounded, and as each company or network came out with its own poll that showed a different number, they automatically forgot the 34% CBS number and focused only on their own poll showing the president had “never been lower,” when everybody knew that you had just reported he was lower — and this is why there’s just confusion.

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